About Me

I received my first 35mm camera as a 21st birthday way back in 1980. I continued as an enthusiastic amateur until I decided to take a more formal approach to my journey as a photographer and enrolled on a City & Guilds course at Reading School of Art & Design in 1994.

That pretty much killed photography for me. The opportunity to work in a dark-room was really useful and taught me things I still use today even though I've gone fully digital but the concentration on technicalities broke the link with the creative process.

My rehabilitation as a photographer has taken a very circuitous route. My interest in the great photographers expanded to the classical artists that had influenced them. That progressed to an interest in art fairs and a chance encounter with master stonecarver Simon Keeley.

Simon has been a massive influence on me. It was Simon who suggested that my carving skills would be helped greatly if I practiced my drawing. Hardly surprising since I'd had no formal training. I found a life-drawing group in Twyford and through them met Terri Jones. Terri, at the time, was chair of the Henley Arts Trail and was very influential at the More Arts charity in Wokingham. Through Terri's advice and encouragement I had my first exhibition as a photographer in 2011.

Over the last few years a great many people in and around Twyford and Reading have hepled me as an exhibitor. I pay them back the only way I can - by helping people keen to make the journey themselves.

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